Sweet Almond oil زيت اللوز الحلو

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أنت بحاجة إلى زيت اللوز الحلو في مجموعتك. إنه مليء بالأحماض الدهنية وله قوام خفيف ومرطب.

ستحب الطريقة التي تشعر بها في صابون وغسول ومقشر DIY

  • You need sweet almond oil in your collection. It’s full of fatty acids and it has a lightweight and moisturizing consistency.
    You’ll love the way it feels in DIY soap, lotion, and scrub.
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  • Melting Point: Liquid at room temperature
  • Oil Color: Light Yellow
  • SAP (bar) Value: 0.14
  • KOH (liquid) Value: 0.21
  • Scent of Oil: None
  • Ingredients (Common Name): Sweet Almond Oil
  • Ingredients (INCI Name): Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis Oil
  • Extraction Method: Expeller pressed, refined
  • Shelf Life: 1 year
  • Recommended for Cold Process: yes
  • Recommended for Melt and Pour: no
  • Recommended for Bath Bombs: yes
  • Eye Safe: yes
  • Lip Safe: yes
  • Usage Instructions: Cold process soap up to 20 percent. Lotions and creams up to 15 percent. Balms up to 10 percent.
  • Shipping Restrictions?: No Shipping Restrictions

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