Tangerine Essential Oil زيت التنجرين الاساسي

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أنت بحاجة إلى هذا الزيت العطري الطبيعي في مجموعتك. تعمل رائحة اليوسفي الساطعة بشكل جيد في الموزعات ومنتجات التنظيف المصنوعة يدويًا والمقشرات وغير ذلك الكثير.

  • You need this natural essential oil in your collection. The bright tangerine scent works well in diffusers, handmade cleaning products, scrubs, and more.
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  • Flashpoint: 118 ℉
  • Discoloration: Off-white
  • Oil Color: Golden
  • Performance: Behaves well in cold process
  • Scent Family: Fruity
  • Ingredients (Common Name): Tangerine Essential Oil
  • Ingredients (INCI Name): Citrus Reticulata
  • Origin: USA
  • Extraction Method: Cold pressed
  • Part of Plant: Peel
  • Shelf Life: Best within 1-2 years
  • Recommended for Cold Process: no
  • Recommended for Melt and Pour: yes
  • Eye Safe: no
  • Lip Safe: yes
  • Safety Notes: Do not apply undiluted directly on skin
  • Usage Instructions: Enter the total weight of your recipe into the Fragrance Calculator for light, medium, and strong recommendations.
  • Packaging: Glass bottles with phenolenic caps. Heavy plastic bag for 5 lbs. size.
  • Storage: Transfer to glass containers if needed. Keep away from bright lights and heat.
  • Shipping Restrictions?: Ground Only

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